Why You Should Join Insurance & Wealth Creation Professionals

Our Commitment To You

IWCP is a Tribe of Professionals that came together to ensure they can position themselves more competitively into the future to ensure business sustainability by embracing the shared economy, being ahead of the industry and legislative changes.

The IWCP Leadership will provide advisors purpose, direction, coaching, inspiration and guidance to build a professional practice on the IWCP platform under the Liberty umbrella.

IWCP provides a sense of belonging for high performers that others want to be part of! Our commitment is that we will not fail you as long as you follow the process.

Our focus is not about getting bigger but better at what we do!

Chris Oosthuisen (Owner)

What we offer :

Our Leadership Team has over 100 years’ experience in the industry and have a success track record of developing new Advisors. Our focus is establishing new talent in the industry and for this reason keeps the ratio between Unit Leader and Advisor very low.

We developed a structured on-boarding programme for the first 4 months to ensure the best transition into the career possible. With an added 36 month 'New Advisor Development Path'.

We combined all our years of experience to develop a business system and tools that help the New Generation of Financial Advisors trough the client engagement process, step by step and start to finish, to ensure the best possible outcomes for your clients.

Being at the forefront of developing the New Generation of Financial Advisors, IWCP developed a structured practice building programme and ongoing learning strategy to aid Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

We understand that as an Advisor you want to focus on servicing your clients and growing your book, which is why we have a dedicated admin department that processes your paperwork and new business enquiries, outsourced call centre and cloud based storage.

IWCP offers your business practice specialist support from the following principals: Fiduciary Specialist, Medical Aid Specialist, Tax Consultant, Legal Advisor, Investment Specialist, Risk Specialist and Debt Councillors.

To ensure customer retention and the growth of your practice we contracted a marketing company to maintain your personal marketing strategy and communication with your clients through social media and other digital platforms and tools.

Our Purpose & Culture

IWCP is a Tribe of Professionals Changing South Africa one policy at a time, so that pensioners can walk on the beach looking internally happy, traveling regularly and don’t have any worries about spoiling their grandkids. Widows are given time to grieve without financial stress as they know their life style is not impacted by their massive loss. People who are fighting a critical illness can focus on only that battle and not worry about the cost of medication or living; All because of the plans we put in place!


We believe in Old School Values with innovative thinking, so that the lessons from the past are used as we build the New Generation of Financial Advisors.


At IWCP we celebrate every success. From the little victories that builds up to the big achievements and then accumulating in achieving that ultimate goal.


Our Tribe of Insurance & Wealth Creation Professionals has a learning, caring and performance culture. We are passionate about personal development and growth.

Well Being

Having fun changing lives whilst also looking after our own families financial well-being. IWCP is a circle of safety where every individual is respected for who they are and the value they add.