What We Do For Businesses & Their Employees

The IWCP Employee Benefit Specialists designs customised value added services & communication propositions for every company’s unique needs to build better workplaces.

What we offer :

Why Are Employee Benefits So Important?

In order to build a sustainable business, companies need to attract talent, then do whatever it takes to retain them and the company benefits in many cases are the differentiator. With only 6% of South Africans able to retire comfortably, socially responsible companies try to assist employees to get to the economist estimate requirement of 17 times annual income saved up at retirement. Socially responsible companies further pride themselves knowing that in the unforeseen events of life their employees are covered. We understand that you need to focus on growing your business. Liberty’s umbrella solutions give you the flexibility to structure employee benefits that will empower your employees. This allows your employees to live their lives with the knowledge that their financial future is secure and their families are financially protected. Participating employers, whether small or large, can get traditional big company benefits without the hassle of setting up their own stand-alone retirement funds.

What Are Umbrella Funds?

The Liberty Corporate Selection Suite of Umbrella Funds offers employers the opportunity to tailor an employee benefit solution for their staff, within the framework of an umbrella solution. With a wide range of Liberty risk and investment solutions, as well as a choice of external risk underwriters and asset managers, an employer has ultimate flexibility in benefit structuring. Employers with a wide range of employee groups can create benefit structures that are customised to satisfy each group.

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Risk Solutions

We know that you care about your employees and their families. Our risk solutions cover a wide range of circumstances and provide for your employees when they might find themselves in financial need.

Investment Options

The Liberty Corporate Selection Umbrella Fund offers a range of Trustee-approved investment choices to meet the savings needs of employers and their employees. This extended range of investment portfolios allows clients, with the help of a Liberty Corporate–accredited financial adviser, to tailor their investment strategy to align to specific financial planning goals.

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Liberty Value Added Services

These value-added services are free and available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, in the member's language of choice.

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IWCP Value Added Partners

Through engagement with our clients, in addition to the standard Value Added Services from Liberty, we at IWCP have negotiated with the following partners to provide additional support to our clients:

  • Tax Consulting
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Medical Aid Specialist
  • HR Consulting Services
  • Employee Financial Wellness Analysis
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Employee Debt Counseling
  • Wills Drafting & Estates Planning for Employees
  • Employee Financial Planning
  • Medical Aid Specialist
  • Employee Wellness Days for Staff