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Chris Oosthuisen

“Some entrepreneurs think how can I make a lot of money? But the better way is to think how can I make people’s lives a lot better? If you get it right, the money will come.” – Richard Branson

Chris is the owner of Insurance and Wealth Creation Professionals (IWCP) – a Liberty Affiliate that is leading the way for the new Generation of Financial Planners. He has over 17 years’ of corporate experience in the industry with the last being National Head of Sales at Liberty before deciding to open his own business.

IWCP was established in 2019 with the merger of two well established businesses Liberty Affiliates, Combined Life and Cradle House who have been successfully operating for more than 20 years. With the wealth of experience and new leadership in IWCP we created a unique blend of old school values with innovative thinking. With our core purpose to help change South Africa a policy at the time backed by sound professional advice.

At IWCP we aim in providing Financial Advisors the best platform in the industry that includes Financial Planning Specialist, Tax Consultant, Estate Planning Specialist, Corporate Specialist, Investment Specialist, Marketing Strategy and a strong Administration team.

My focus is on developing and constantly improving this proposition for the dedicated IWCP team to ensure that they can better look after their valued clients

  • B.Comm (NWU)
  • B.Comm (Hons) (NWU)
  • M.Comm (UJ)

Awards & Achievements:

  • Agency Gold Branch Manager of the year 2005.
  • Liberty Award Passion for Excellence 2007.
  • Regional Head of the Year multiple times.
  • Liberty Challenge winner multiple times.
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Leadership Team

Noel Shorten

My mission is to have a positive impact in changing the lives and financial wellbeing of those I meet.”

Noel started his career with Liberty in 1987 when he was the first Sales Manager of the Sales and Marketing Management School. He progressed rapidly through the programme and within 6 months had is own unit within the Braamfontein Branch.

He went on to run a branch in the North City Group, Sandton Branch and was then moved to the Bank of Lisbon building where he was responsible for a number of managers. Noel was then transferred to Head Office reporting to the Head of Agency and took up the role of Regional Manager – the regions managed over the years were numerous.

In 1999 Noel decided to start his own Franchise in Randburg, which he merged with another Franchise to form Combined Life in 2002, which ran successfully for 16 years before taking up the new venture and challenge with IWCP In January 2019.

  • FIBS
  • DPFM
  • O&M Diploma
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Hannes Strooh

“No man can do for another, what that man could do, and should do for himself.”

Prior to joining Liberty in 2007 – Hannes was part of Metropolitan Life. During his stint at the Liberty Group he was a Branch Manager and received the branch manager of the year award in 2012. In January of 2019 Hannes joined IWCP and was an instrumental in the formation of the IWCP group. Hannes’s mission is to be the best and most authentic leader he can be.

  • National Diploma in Human Resources
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Ernst Wilkins

“My mission is to change peoples financial futures.”

Ernst started his career with Liberty in the Agency Division in 2008. Having spent 10 years with Agency, when the opportunity arose to be part of an Affiliated Partner of Liberty, he decided to take his practice to the next level and joined IWCP in 2019 as Unit Manager for IWCP Jakaranda Branch.

Ernst is an accredited FINANCIAL SERVICES ADVISOR™ and believes that the true meaning of being successful a Financial Planner is a mindset to help people protect what is most important to them. He gets up every morning with a mindset to change someone’s life, and believes that doing what he does gives him peace of mind that people will be financially looked after should any life changing event take place. 

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning
  • NQF 6 Advanced Certificate in Financial Planning
  • NQF 5 Certificate in Wealth Management
  • First Level Regulatory Examination: Representatives
  • Corporate School / Corporate Benefits
  • Advanced Investment Planning


Awards & Achievements:

  • 2009 – Platinum High Flyer
  • 2010 – Double Platinum High Flyer
  • 2010 – Branch Advisor of the Year
  • 2011 – Financial Planner of the Year Runner Up
  • 2012 – Financial Planner of the Year
  • 2012 – FA Status
  • 2013 – FA Status
  • 2014 – FA Status
  • 2015 – FA Status
  • 2016 – FA Status
  • 2018 – FA Status
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Years' Experience

Jacques Janneke

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.” – William Shakespeare

Jacques joined Liberty in February 2009 as part of the Liberty Management Academy. He then went on to start his own branch in November 2011 in Pretoria. He earned the Regional Branch of the year award in 2015 and 2017 and also the National Big Branch of the year in 2017. Furthermore, he then formed Resolute Wealth Partners in September 2019 with his partner Johann Nienaber. In January 2020 – Resolute Wealth Partners became part of the IWCP family.

  • BA Human Movement Science, Psychology from University of Pretoria
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Mike Clifford

I make it my mission to provide individuals and families with financial peace of mind.”

Mike has been with Liberty since 2005 and is a Unit Leader at Insurance & Wealth Creation Professionals (IWCP). Mike brings a wealth of experience to the IWCP Leadership Team and is passionate about helping people achieve their financial dreams. 

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Tony Page

“To encourage people to die with wonderful memories and not with un-lived dreams.”

Tony joined Liberty on 1st March 1993 as a Financial Adviser after a successful career as an airforce pilot. His career with Liberty has been varied, having assisted in the development and marketing of Liberty’s first version of the Blueprint Financial Needs Analysis. This was followed by being appointed as the Regional Development Manager for the Sandton Region and, in addition, has managed four Liberty Agency Branches. In 1995, Tony opened a Liberty Franchise in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga and in March of 2020 amalgamated the Franchise with the IWCP Group. He is the owner and Franchise Principal of IWCP Mpumalanga. Tony has a strong desire to enable everyone he comes into contact with, to realise their dreams and to thereby create lasting memories.

  • BSC (Mil) Avionics
  • Registered Financial Planner
  • NQF 5 Certificate in Wealth Management
  • Liberty Agency Branch Manager of the year 2011
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Years' Experience

Rene Zietsman

“When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible. ” – Howard Schultz

As a proud member of the IWCP leadership team Rene is tasked with the critical role of managing IWCP Cedarwood – a team of professionals. A team who believe in being exceptional whilst putting the customer at the heart of what they do. At IWCP, our people are our biggest resource. They have the ability to connect with clients in a unique way and help them achieve financial freedom. Her sterling career , which demonstrates a wealth of experience in the field and professional qualifications to match allow her to perform her duties to the fullest. Postgrad diploma in Financial Planning.

  • Postgrad Diploma in Financial Planning
  • NQF 6 Advance Certificate in Financial Planning
  • NQF 5 Certificate in Wealth Management
  • First level Regulatory Examination – Representative
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Years' Experience

Johann Nienaber

“My mission is to help others achieve their financial goals.”

Johann is the Franchise Principal of IWCP Resolute and a Senior Financial Advisor. He started his career with Liberty in 2010 and joined the IWCP Leadership Team in 2019.  Johann makes it his mission is to help others achieve their financial dreams and creates value for his clients by deeply understanding their goals, designing personalised financial plans and simplifying complex financial concepts. As an Advisor Johann offers each of his clients with a financial solution tailored to their goals whilst also addressing their needs and risk concerns.

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning
  • Registered Member of the Financial Planning Insitute (FPI®)
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Peter Wilkinson

“Dream big. Start small. But most of all, start.” – Simon Sinek

Peter Wilkinson Dream big. Start small. But most of all, start. – Simon Sinek Peter started his career with Liberty in 1996 when he joined the Corporate Benefits division as a Consultant. In 2007, Peter moved to the Agency Leadership team focusing on New Person Development within Liberty’s Tied Distribution Channel, here he was responsible for establishing new operations and developing new Financial Advisers.  Peter expanded his scope in 2011 where the focus shifted to the support and management of more established Consultants. In 2021, Peter took the opportunity to join IWCP as a Franchise Principal in Kwa-Zulu Natal to grow and develop Financial Advisers according the IWCP values and principles.

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning
  • NQF 6 Advanced Certificate in Financial Planning
  • NQF 5 Certificate in Wealth Management
  • RE 1 – Regulatory Examination: Key Individual
  • RE 5 – Regulatory Examination: Representatives Corporate School / Corporate Benefits
  • Advanced Investment Planning
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Years' Experience

Mirriam Papo

My Mission is to help you achieve financial freedom and create generational wealth. “Working because you want to, not because you have to is financial freedom” – Tony Robbins

Mirriam is a Qualified Chartered Accountant and a unit leader of IWCP LESEDI as of June 2020. She is a financial professional with a wealth of experience which will be leveraged to help her clients to change their narrative and mindsets to achieve financial freedom. She started her career in 1999 with ABSA LIMITED as a trainee-chartered accountant and then ventured into the media world. In 2002 she joined a renowned media company BDFM Publishers, the publishers of Financial Mail; Business Day and Business Day TV as a management accountant and later becoming their Financial Manager and a board member of one of the subsidiaries. In August 2013 she joined IDF Capital as a fund manager whose goal is to be a catalyst for economic growth by supporting entrepreneurs on their entrepreneurial journey as their CFO, the position she held for 5 years till end of 2018. 2019 presented itself a beginning of a new journey and she later joined IWCP as a financial advisor thus continuing her journey to positively impact those she comes across to not only change their mindset to create wealth but being intentional to do so and to also protect it. “A good man leaves an inheritance for their children’s children”.

  • Bcom – Accounting (UCT)
  • Bcompt (UJ)
  • BCTA (UJ)
  • BCom Hons/CTA (UKZN)
  • APT Financial Management (UJ/UCT/JV)
  • CA (SA)
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Quintin Page

“Planning is bringing the future into the present, so that you can do something about it now” – Alan Lakein

Quintin’s father was medically boarded in 2011 and passed away in 2012. The difference a R529 per month Liberty life policy made to his parents’ lives, moved him to join Liberty in April 2016 after 17 years with Standard Bank. He was appointed as Unit Leader of North West Franchise (an affiliate of Liberty) in July 2016. In January 2020 North West Franchise amalgamated with IWCP and Quintin is now Unit Leader of IWCP North West in Rustenburg. He wholeheartedly believes in what he was told by his Liberty mentor Hannes Strooh when he first started at Liberty: “We look after widows, orphans and pensioners…”

  • NQF 5 – Certificate in Banking (Institute of Bankers)
  • RE5 – (Moonstone)
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Walle Van Hoving

”Never get tired of doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts” – Snoopy

Walle joined Liberty in May 2007 – prior to that he was an operations manager at Afri Themba Leisure. Walle joined the IWCP tribe in January 2020 as a professional Financial Advisor and unit leader of IWCP Mpumalanga. Walle assists his clients to achieve their fi¬nancial goals for themselves and their families. He has a wealth of experience in the Corporate Retirement Fund, Medical Aid Fund and Business Assurance environment. By providing needs based advice and solutions to create a balance between risk management, estate planning, investment and tax strategies he helps his clients protect and achieve their financial goals.

  • National Certificate Wealth Management
  • Financial Advisor 2013, 2014, 2016 and Century Club 2015
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Deirdre Geyser

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Ghandi

Deirdre joined Liberty in 2001 as a Financial Advisor, first in Rosebank and then in Bruma Agency. She worked in the field for 6 years before deciding to become an Agency Manager. Deirdre joined the IWCP group in February 2021 as the Operations Manager where, amoungst other responsibilities, she is responsible for compliance . Deirdre’s mission is to support the IWCP leadership to run not only the best and most professional teams of advisers, but also to create and maintain a culture of compliance – doing the right thing, right!

  • MAP (Wits Business School)
  • MBA (Henley Business School)
  • Post Grad Diploma in Financial Planning (University of the Free State)
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Aletjé van den Berg

Fiduciary Specialist

  • Drafting of Wills
  • Safe Custody of Wills
  • Estate Planning & Liquidity Calculations
  • Administration of Deceased Estates
  • Administration of Testamentary Trusts
  • Registration of Trusts
  • Member of the Fiduciary Institute of South Africa
  • BCom. Business Management and Law
  • LLB
  • LLM (Estate Law)
  • Practicing Attorney

Julio De Macedo

Tax & Accounting Specialist

  • Individual tax consulting and returns.
  • Business tax consulting and returns.
  • Value added tax consulting and compliance.
  • Payroll tax and compliance.
  • Preparation and compiling of Financial Statements.
  • Accounting Officer Engagements.
  • Independent Review Engagements.
  • Preparation of working papers and audit files for auditors.
  • Business advisory and consulting.
  • Monthly accounting, payroll and bookkeeping services.
  • Professional Accountant (SA) & Professional Tax Practitioner (SA)
  • Member South African Institute of Professional Accountants
  • Bachelor of Accounting Science (BCompt)
  • Certificate in Financial Services Wealth Management [RFP2]
  • Certificate in Financial Management

Maritsa Piek

short-term insurance Specialist

  • Domestic and commercial insurance
  • Professional Indemnity insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Personal Liability insurance
  • Building insurance
  • Fleet insurance

Bianca Visage

Medical aid & Gap cover Specialist

  • Bestmed & Bonitas Medical aid
  • Liberty Zestlife Gap cover

Caylee Oosthuizen

Medical aid & Gap cover Specialist

  • Discovery Health Medical Aid Broker
  • Momentum Health Medical Aid Broker
  • MediHelp Medical Aid Broker
  • Zest Life GAP Cover Broker
  • Advisory, Claims and queries assistance
  • Authorising and year end reviews
  • Member of the Council of Medical Schemes of South Africa
  • Certified in the relevant Schemes products
  • RE5 qualification
  • NQF Level 4

Nicole Prinsloo

Employment Specialist

  • Permanent Employment Solutions
  • Temporary Employment Solutions
  • Professional experienced Candidate Sourcing
  • Full Candidate screening, which include credit, criminal and educational checks
  • Professional CV generation inclusive of full candidate biography
  • Complete candidate and client support through out the process including after service care
  • Social Media Screening
  • Certificate and IR (Industrial Relations)
  • Independent APSO Member

Dylan Cutter


  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Lead generation
  • CRM Management
  • Analytics reporting
  • BCom: Marketing and Insurance and Risk Management (Wits)

Admin Team


Dean Mans

Admin & compliance


Anna Ngwenya



Taryn Pienaar



Sandra Botha



Phumlani Mkhize